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Bulldog Industries

"Expanding the job Industry"

     My name is Shelton, but most of you know me as bulldog1. I started on Minetest in May, several years ago and had a dream of starting a company. The company first started with a single cafe called "Bulldog Cafe".  When the cafe went up, I had visitors from all over, including the owner of the server. I knew at that point that I wanted to branch out into a second cafe. Everything was going as planned and by that point I wanted more.

     After a couple of months of owning the two cafe's, I bought the land that housed the first Headquarters of Bulldog Incorporated. The company was thriving and I had four employees over at the HQ. Not long after that, we started buying out smaller businesses and expanding all over the server. We had almost ten cafe's and several small businesses in no time forcing us to move into our second Headquarters location.


      The second HQ location for Bulldog Incorporated was an old barber shop and a bar. Bought from a former employee (bus 621). Renovations took about two weeks to complete, then the company moved in there. After about three months inside that building, the company had grown so much that and gained so many departments that we had no choice but to move again.


     In 2015, we started the company on Minecraft. It was an instant hit with the company President on the game. The company first started over there with "Bulldog Store". The company then opened a second store in a different town. The HQ is still located in the first store, and currently has 25 employees between both stores, and the HQ.


     That gives you a little inside and back story to how the company began. I would like to offer a chance for you to join my team and be a part of my work family. For open positions, email me personally, or send your resume to hr@bulldogindustriescenter.com to find out what is best for you. 

Bulldog 1

Founder/Owner, Bulldog Industries

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Disclaimer: This website reflects the Bulldog Industries in a video game and has no affiliation with the real Bulldog Industries. This is a video game based company and does not have any actual restaurants/stores.