Bulldog Construction was created shortly after Bulldog Industries became a mid-size company. Thanks to the demand of buildings, Bulldog Construction has become the biggest construction company on the server, and plan to eventually become the biggest on the game. 

     The company builds commercial buildings only, but will on occasion build residential. Any building done by BC must have a pre-made design that can be sent via email. The biggest project done by the company was the "Midway Mall" on VE-Creative. The project took 10 months to complete and is now working on expanding the mall.


     For more information about how you can get apply to join Bulldog Construction, LLC or would us to create your dream building, email us at Bulldog_Construction@bulldogindustriescenter.com


Bulldog Construction Accepted a new challenge from the Corporate Office. This the progress of the first ever Bulldog Travel Plaza, designed to be accessible to any player, and to be more beneficial than the Bulldog Fuel stores. The bottom picture is the finished product.

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