BD-Realism was created when the server owner bulldog1 wanted a better gaming environment for players of minetest. BD-R gives players the freedom to go around and build as they please. Though the load times are long due to the mods, there is still a lot of room around the spawn area to open a business and buy as you need. The server was opened to players on 4/19/17. 


MT-City was given to bulldog1 in November in 2016 after the original owner wasn't able to keep up with it. The server is fairly popular on Minetest, with approximately 7 players online at a time. MT-City has moved it's spawn to the staff building to allow players to get one on one interaction with our admins.  

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Disclaimer: This website reflects the Bulldog Industries in a video game and has no affiliation with the real Bulldog Industries. This is a video game based company and does not have any actual restaurants/stores.